Ampere Pro v4.08 Apk (Know your battery status)

Ampere app is like a companion for your device that stay up-to-date with the latest tech apps and games. The app allows you to browse, search, download, and install top Android apps from around the world. You can explore or revive forgotten favorites in no time. Whether you’re an avid user or simply like browsing through endless amounts of fresh titles. Ampere itself is a well-defined word; you can read them on wikipedia.

Description of ampere pro

App ampere pro
offered by Braintrapp
size 9 Mb
version 4.08
features all free
Price no need

The ampere app is a revolutionary new way to discover and manage the latest trends in tech. With a secure connection, you can set up alert notifications so you never miss out on top recommendations. The app also provides detailed ambient reports of all the sector news that keeps you well informed throughout the day.

You can easily browse and search through the app to find all of your favorite content in a convenient way. With its simple design, you’ll be up to speed on the world of tech with ease. The ampere app is perfect for anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve in terms of both tech trends and applications.

Feature of Ampere Pro APK

Ampere Pro is an Android app designed to measure and monitor your device’s charging current, voltage and temperature. It provides a real-time display of the battery health and power usage, along with an array of useful data visualizations. Ampere Pro also offers detailed notifications when it detects any changes in your device’s charging state or battery health. It can be used to identify when your device is being over- or under, and allows you to get the most out your device’s charging capacity.

The app also helps optimize your Android device’s performance by offering advanced settings for power management including auto-shutdown and sleep modes. You can adjust various parameters such as charging current, voltage and temperature thresholds to get the best performance from your device. It also allows you to set custom notifications when your device reaches a certain level of charge, or if it’s in danger of overcharging.

Ampere APK is an easy-to-use app that provides detailed information on the charging state of your device. It can be used to detect potential issues with your device’s battery and allows you to take corrective action quickly. It’s also useful for monitoring your power usage and ensuring that your device is always running optimally. Whether you’re looking to improve the performance of your Android device or just want a better understanding of its charging state, Ampere Pro is a great choice.

By using this app, you can monitor power consumption, set charging thresholds and control your device with ease. You can also check the current status of your battery right from the app’s main screen and receive notifications about possible problems or places where better performance could be achieved. With Ampere MOD APK, you can always keep your device running at its best.

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