APP Cloner Premium v2.16.16 APK Full unlocked

App Cloner premium apk is the ultimate tool for creating customized versions of Android apps that allows its users to clone existing apps and customize them according to needs. You can add new functions or change settings without having to modify any code, but also enables user-friendly tools like batch cloning and multiple app cloning. From customizing third-party application settings to managing encrypted background processes on your device securely.

This app allows them to create multiple versions of their favored programs. Not only can users make perfect copies of popular applications but they also gain access to advanced features which are available only in pro versions. You will like to explore zoomerang pro apk for android.

APP Cloner Premium APK

The app cloner premium apk is efficient way to revolutionize how you use your apps, allowing you to create handy “clones” of any of your most-used apps. With the app cloner, you can customize clone options to fit both personal and professional needs. You can change a cloned app’s name, icon and color, add new search appearance and design elements on the homepage. Thanks to the app cloner mod apk, it’s never been easier or more convenient to multi-task with several applications at one time. Entertain yourself by connecting new star on fikfak apk.

app cloner premium apk download

APP Name APP Cloner Mod APK
Size 29 MB
Current version v2.16.16
Requires Android 4.1
Premium gives Full Unlocked
Updated on 23 July, 2023

Features of APP Cloner APK

App Cloner is a popular app that allows you to create clones of your existing Android apps. These clones are fully independent and can be used to run multiple accounts of the same app simultaneously.

Ability to make multiple copies of apps

You can create unlimited clones of any app you have installed on your device. This allows you to keep multiple instances of the same app running, and customize each clone with different settings or accounts.

Clone and modify watch faces

App Cloner Premium lets you clone and modify watch faces for Wear OS (formerly Android Wear) devices.

Advanced Protection

App Cloner Premium offers some of the best protection against unauthorized access to your cloned apps, with features such as password lock, fake crash messages, and more.

Change app icons and names

App Cloner Premium lets you change all aspects of an app’s appearance, including its icon and name. This makes it easier to keep track of which clone is which when managing multiple copies of the same app.

Run your clones on the SD card

You can choose to install your clones on the SD card, which can free up space on your internal storage.

Automatically backup clones

It can automatically back up your clones so that you never lose any work or settings if they’re deleted or something goes wrong.

Remove adverts from apps

App Cloner gives more streamlined and distraction-free experience.

Stealth mode

App Cloner Premium has a special ‘stealth’ mode, making it harder for people to detect if you’re using cloned apps on your device. It does this by hiding certain parts of the app’s interface or functionality, making it look like you’re using the original version of the app.

Use App Cloner on rooted and non-rooted devices

App Cloner can be used on both rooted and non-rooted devices.

Here are some additional features of App Cloner APK:

  • Force apps to consume data over Wi-Fi only. This can be useful for saving data if you have a limited data plan.
  • Hide apps from the app drawer. This is a great way to keep your clones hidden from prying eyes.
  • Export and import your clones. This allows you to easily back up your clones or share them with others.
  • Clone multiple apps at once. customize launch icons and widgets, and create multiple user accounts for cloned apps.

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