RFS Real Flight Simulator APK Download 2.1.2 Latest Version

Flying is a lifelong dream for many, but not everyone gets the chance to pursue their passion due to various reasons. Fortunately, technology has brought us closer to realistic flight experiences with the RFS Real Flight Simulator Apk which is available for both Android and iOS devices.

RFS Real Flight Simulator APK

RFS – Real Flight Simulator is an incredibly realistic 3D flying simulator game that offers realistic aircraft models, detailed cockpit instruments and controls, multiple airports to fly from and a variety of flying conditions to keep you on your toes. With its ultra-realistic flight physics, the game truly brings the experience of professional flight simulation to the comfort of your own home.

RFS Real Flight Simulator APK

The game offers a wide selection of aircraft, from general aviation planes like the Cessna 172SP and the Diamond DA40 to commercial jets such as Airbus A320s and Boeing 787s. You have an choice to show your strategies on clash on clans game. Each aircraft is accurately modeled with its unique characteristics, allowing you to experience various flight experiences.

The game also offers realistic weather conditions and air traffic control (ATC) interactions, challenging your skills as a pilot. You can even play online with other players from around the world in online multiplayer mode. With its ultra-realistic visuals and sounds, you’ll feel like you’re actually flying.

RFs Real Flight Simulator Unlocked is the perfect choice for those who want to experience the thrill and challenge of flying.

Realistic Features

RFS Real Flight Simulator 2023 offers a vast array of realistic features that puts you in the pilot’s seat. Everything, from the control tower communication to the weather, is modeled to replicate the real flying experience.

You can change the time of day, adjust the weather conditions, and tweak other settings to add to the realism of the flight.

Moreover, the app comes equipped with realistic head-up displays (HUDs), runway lights, and even a working GPS that helps you keep track of your flight’s location.

Multiple Planes to Choose From

With RFS latest verision, there’s no restriction on what plane you choose. The vast fleet of planes includes Airbus, Boeing, and many more, allowing you to fly whichever model you desire. The planes are equipped with the latest technology, including autopilot and various navigational aids.

Furthermore, the app offers extensive modifications, which enable you to change everything from the paint job to modifications to the controls to reflect your preferences.

Explore Different Regions

RFS pro mod apk gives an opportunity to explore the world in detail from your device’s comfort. The game features real-world scenery of various landscapes like mountains, cities, and lakes. You can embark on a sightseeing tour and marvel at the scenery passing by as you fly.

Explore popular aviation destinations, such as JFK International, La Guardia, and LAX International among others. With over 35,000 real-life airports, the possibilities are endless.

Personalized Experience with RFS APK

Real Flight Simulator Apk offers endless customization options allowing you to create a personalized and unique experience. Adventures experience like ninja fishing apk mod. You can customize the buttons, screens, and gauges to suit your style. Additionally, the app offers access to third-party add-ons, which can enhance the experience further. You can also choose to fly online with multiplayer mode, where you can interact with other pilots from different countries.

What is RFS real flight simulator mod apk

Real Flight Simulator Mod Apk brings an improved and even more realistic flight experience. This mod offers improved aircraft physics, new textures and design elements, detailed terrain maps, a more advanced weather system, enhanced AI behavior, and much more. Here you can also customize your experience even further with several different aircraft models and a wide range of scenery to explore. No matter what type of flight experience you’re looking for, Real Flight Mod Apk has something for everyone.

RFS all planes unlocked

With the level of customization and control available, players can customize each aircraft to suit their own individual playstyle. From different paint schemes to engine upgrades and weapon modifications, players have complete freedom in how they choose to upgrade their planes. Additionally, several different game modes are available for players to test out their creations in dynamic air-to-air combat, ground attack missions and more. With the added convenience of having all aircraft unlocked right from the start, players can jump into the action at any time.

RFS Real Flight Simulator APK MOD

RFS Real Flight Simulator Full Unlocked APK

Real Flight Simulator is a comprehensive flight simulator that gives an opportunity to experience the thrills of flying an aircraft in stunningly detailed 3D environments. The full version of Real Flight Simulator unlocks all areas and features, giving users access to advanced aeronautics and physics engines that accurately mimic real-world flight conditions.

Players can take off and land in various airports around the world, test their skills in a variety of challenging scenarios, fly through dynamic weather systems, and even participate in online multiplayer matches with other Real Flight Simulator players.

With its detailed graphics, realistic controls, and wide range of aircraft options, Real Flight Simulator is an ideal flight simulator for budding pilots or anyone looking to explore the world from a different perspective. Get ready to take off in Real Flight Simulator and experience the sky like never before. It will give the;

  • Ability to customize aircraft with realistic looking livery and avionics
  • A comprehensive physics engine accurately simulates real-world flight conditions
  • Inclusion of realistic air traffic control systems, allowing the user to interact with other aircraft
  • Variety of airports and terrain types, offering a range of exciting locations to explore
  • Simultaneous multiplayer mode allows players to fly together over the internet
  • Wide selection of aircraft models, from small planes to commercial airliners
  • Realistic weather systems that can be manually adjusted or left to their own devices
  • Comprehensive tutorial mode to get up to speed quickly and easily
  • Supports virtual reality headsets for an immersive flight experience.

With Real Flight Simulator, you can embark on a thrilling journey, explore the skies above our beautiful planet, and recreate some of the most exciting aerial feats imaginable.

Is RFS for free?

Yes, RFS is a free game and can be played without any cost.

How to download Real Flight Simulator mod apk?

  1. Simply click on the given button
  2. Choose the latest version
  3. Tap to install the game
  4. Open & enjoy


Flying a plane is exciting, and with RFS Real Flight Simulator Apk, you can experience the thrill of flying from anywhere, anytime. This app offers a vast range of features and planes, which makes it stand out from other flight simulation apps in the market. Whether you want to test your skills as a pilot, go sightseeing or explore the world from a different perspective, RFS Real Flight Simulator Apk has got you covered.

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