Rise of Cultures: Kingdom game APK Download 1.63.9 for Android

Rise of Cultures: Kingdom is a new turn-based strategy game where players become powerful rulers and build their own civilizations. You will have to manage resources, develop technologies, forge alliances, and conquer your enemies as you strive to build the most powerful empire in the world.

Rise of Cultures: Kingdom Game APK

Rise of Cultures: Kingdom game comes with dozens of exciting features. Some of them are enlisted here;

  • BUILD EMPIRES – Collect resources and build your kingdom. Construct castles and monuments, create armies with powerful heroes to defend your empire, and expand through trade and diplomacy.
  • BATTLES – Engage in battles against other civilizations or monsters using an array of tactics and strategies to win the fight.
  • CUSTOMIZE – Personalize your civilization by customizing city designs, naming characters, selecting from hundreds of units, researching technologies, building wonders of the world, constructing trade routes, developing religions and much more!
  • EXPLORE – Explore a richly detailed 3D world with various terrains as you journey across it. Uncover hidden secrets that can help your civilization flourish and discover resources that will assist you in your expansion.
  • WONDERS – Construct Wonders of the World to give your civilization special abilities and bonuses. Unlock achievements as you build wonders like the Great Pyramid, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, and more!
  • MULTIPLAYER – Take on other civilizations in real-time battles or join forces with them in multiplayer alliances! Compete for points and honor while taking glory for yourself.
  • EVENTS – Participate in events that will challenge your skills such as winning wars, accumulating resources, constructing buildings, completing quests and many more. Rise up the leaderboards to become a legendary ruler of all time.
  • ACHIEVEMENTS – Unlock Achievements by building crucial structures within your empire. Reach milestones and gain rewards by completing objectives that will help you rise up the ranks of greatness!
  • LEADERSHIP – Lead your people to glory as a great leader. Develop an effective strategy that will lead your civilization into prosperity, riches, and power! Choose wisely on how to best use the natural resources available to you.
  • HISTORY – Experience history as it unfolds in Rise of Cultures. Make decisions about alliances, wars, technology development, city-building and more as you progress through different eras of time. Each decision can impact the future of your civilization.
Rise of Cultures APK for Android Download
rise of cultures gameplay

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What’s New?

  • Expanded diplomacy options
  • Additional resource
  • Improved combat mechanics
  • New tech tree system


Does Rise of Cultures: Kingdom have any multiplayer elements?

Yes, you can play with other people online in both cooperative and competitive game modes.

Is there a way to speed up the game?

Yes, you can use the “Fast Forward” button to skip through certain parts of the turn-based gameplay if you want to get through it quicker.

Can I customize my civilization’s units?

Yes, you can customize your units with different weapons, armor, and upgrades to make them stronger.


Rise of Cultures: Kingdom is an exciting new turn-based strategy game that offers deep strategic elements in a new art style. It offer plenty of ways to customize your strategy. If you’re looking for a challenging and rewarding turn-based strategy experience then Rise of Cultures: Kingdom is the perfect choice for you.

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